Tips For Cleaning Out Your Garage

The garage, man cave or the collection room – the garage has a lot of different names and each one will contain a collection of many different things.  Throughout the year, you will bring your car in, take it out, move in lawn equipment, chemicals, hide the Christmas lights and so much more.  All of this moving will eventually do some damage to your floors, though.  If this occurs to you, consider garage floor resurfacing to bring your floor back to its original look.

Create sections

You want to create sections for your garage.  Typically, the left side of the garage is where you will have a workbench and most of your tools.  The reason for this is that the garage door into the house is typically on the right side or more towards the middle of the room.  If you look at the items that you have and create sections, then it will be much more organized, and you can get to items much quicker.

garage floor resurfacing

Make sure nothing is leaking

We work in the garage for a few reasons.  First of all, it is large enough that we don’t have to worry about space.  Second, we have a door that when opened can allow for great ventilation when working with chemicals and other products.  When working with these products you want to make sure that they are closed up properly, aren’t leaking and more. 

Do three-month inspections

Every quarter you will want to go in and do a full inspection.  You will go in, make sure that what needs to be thrown away is thrown away, any items that have expired, need to be replaced and more are done.  When you do this, you can easily assess your garage and its needs.  Another added benefit of this is that you won’t have to do a major cleaning at the end of the year.